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Hosting a Teams Meeting

With Teams installed and being logged in, select the Meet Now option on the Teams homepage.

There will be the option to have a link to the meeting copied to your 'clipboard'. This means you can Paste this in an email or message to anyone you want to join the meeting you are hosting.

Once you are ready, choose the Meet Now option again and Start Meeting.

The video here demonstrates this process.

You'll now have the option to join the meeting as the host.

You have the option to enable/disable your microphone and webcam before joining. In this video, I just have the microphone activated.

Once you've joined the meeting, it gives you another chance to copy the link to the meeting.

The meeting is now in progress, and you can wait for other people to start joining.

To see how to join a meeting, look at the guide below.

Joining a Teams Meeting without a Teams Account

With a browser open, paste the meeting link sent to you from the host (see guide above on how the host can get this)

If you already have Teams installed you can open with the app on the next screen, but for those without teams, select the Continue on this Browser option

The next screen gives you the option to enable/disable your microphone and webcam. In this example, just the microphone is enabled.

Click the Join Now button to enter the meeting.




On a mobile device, you'll need to install the Teams App to access the meeting.

You don't need an account, when you click on the invite link, you'll be greeted with this screen.

Simply choose Join as a guest to take part in the meeting without needing to create an account.



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