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Adult Care and Private Training

We understand that the apprenticeship route is not appropriate for all individuals or businesses. Therefore, we also deliver vocational qualifications and a range of bespoke training programmes privately.


What is 'private training'?

Private delivery of our qualifications and training packages means that the individual undertaking study pays for the training costs themselves.

When it comes to vocational qualifications, this is particularly beneficial for people who do not meet the apprenticeship eligibility or for businesses that have specific training needs which require a more flexible approach to learning.

Health & Social Care


A career in Health in Social Care is ideally suited for those who wish to make a direct and positive impact on other people’s lives. Our apprenticeships and qualifications offer learners the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the principles and processes within this sector and widen their expertise in a diverse range of caring situations and environments.

Only available as an Advanced Leaner Loan or to be taken Privately. 

Vocational Qualifications

Other training programmes

We deliver vocational qualifications across the Adult Care, Childcare, Education and Business Sectors. A full list of our current qualifications can be found here.

  • First Aid

  • Assessor Award

  • Bespoke CPD training


As every individual and business is different, we tailor our training packages and fees with each booking. Please fill in your details on our contact form, or chat to us via the button below and a member of our team will be happy to discuss how we can best support your training needs.

Quest Training
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