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Apprenticeships & Qualifications

We offer the latest apprenticeship standards as well as intermediate, advanced and higher qualifications across a number of different sectors.

Apprenticeships are funded by government and employers, which means certain eligibility, funding requirements and criteria must be followed. Full information about apprenticeships for both employers and learners can be found here.

Privately and bespoke training is available if an apprenticeship route is not right for you. Full information about the cost and delivery of our private courses can be found here.


Childcare and Playwork


A career working with children offers the uniquely rewarding opportunity of having a positive impact on the development and lives of the next generation. Our apprenticeships and qualifications allow learners to develop the skills necessary to work in both mainstream education and residential settings and with children with diverse needs and backgrounds. 

Customer Services


A customer service qualification is ideal if you want to work in a customer-facing role. It will help you to learn and develop the wide range of skills you need to provide the kind of high quality service employers and customers expect.

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Business Administration


Business administration is relevant to many different job roles in hundreds of different industries and companies, which means you will develop core, transferable skills that will assist your progression within a range of careers.

Team Leading & Management


Working towards a senior position is a rewarding journey that can positively advance your career while offering the opportunity to develop strong interpersonal and communications skills relevant to any workplace. Those who undertake Team Leading and Management qualifications will be in a position to confidently progress their chosen sector.

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Support Teaching & Learning


Working in a school is a rewarding journey that can positively impact on young learners and their development in the school system. Those who undertake Teaching Assistant or School Business Professional apprenticeships will be in a position to fulfil their role within the school environment.

Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and mentoring is ideal for someone looking to support the development of others knowledge, skills and behaviours.

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Health & Social Care


A career in Health in Social Care is ideally suited for those who wish to make a direct and positive impact on other people’s lives. Our apprenticeships and qualifications offer learners the opportunity to gain deeper insight into the principles and processes within this sector and widen their expertise in a diverse range of caring situations and environments.

Only available as an Advanced Leaner Loan or to be taken Privately. 

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