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What to do after your GCSES?

As you will be aware GCSE results day is here and we want to give you an idea on the paths you can take after results day!

There are many different routes you can take after your GCSE including continuing your education further by completing your A-levels or going down a different route like an apprenticeship

Post 16

This is the main destination that students choose to go down after they complete their GCSES. Post 16 is the continuation of education at either the same school or a different school. There are two types of qualifications you can achieve at post 16 these include A-levels and T- Levels. Both of these types of education have become widely popular however they are both different in their own rights.

A- Levels

A-Levels (Advanced Levels) are normally two year subject based qualifications. There is a wide range of subjects that students can choose from, studying a certain subject can help you if you would like to go to university later on down the line or if you would like to get a deeper understanding of that subject.


T-Levels are a new qualification that has become very popular, One T-level is broadly equivalent to three A-Levels. T- levels combine studying in a learning environment with a work placement in the same sector. This is designed to help smooth the transition into starting work, an apprenticeship, or higher study. Students spend 80% of learning time in a classroom while they will spend the remaining 20% on a working placement with an employer.


Apprenticeships are a great option for people who want to launch their career in their dream sector. One of the main benefits of completing an apprenticeship is that you can earn whilst you learn, whilst also receiving high quality training. Many people take this route as you gain good experience in a workplace environment, while also coming out of the apprenticeship debt free and with a qualification.

47% of the apprenticeships started in 2021/22 were by people under 25

(per Apprenticeships statistics for England by UK Parliament)


Benefits of completing a apprenticeship:

  • The most obvious benefit of completing an apprenticeship is that you get to earn while you learn

  • Get a head start in your career- with an apprenticeship you will be learning and practising a particular skill set with other professionals, this will put you ahead in the job market

  • Gain a nationally recognised qualification

  • Get great guidance and support from experts in the sector- you will receive great support from your employer, training provider and employees

So there we are, they are the two most popular options students take after they complete their GCSES. These are great both options and they can be adapted and changed depending on what grades you receive on results day. Choosing what you want to do after your GCSES is a big decision so you should consider the pros and cons of each destination.

How Quest can help

If you have decided to complete an apprenticeship as the next stage in your career, then contact us today at or 01474 704441 to get more information about the apprenticeships we offer. No matter what grades you received we will have a great apprenticeship! Check out what we offer by clicking the button below


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