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Quest Training Monday News Issue 21: 22nd November 2021

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can..”

Carers Rights Day Thursday 25 November

Each year Carers Rights Day brings organisations across the UK together to help carers in their local community know their rights and find out how to get the help and support they are entitled to.

This year Carers Rights Day is on Thursday 25 November.

Having the right information at the right time can make all the difference when you’re looking after someone.

Every day 6,000 people become carers but often it’s not something we’ve planned for. This Carers Rights Day we’re focusing on supporting people to prepare for the future through our theme: Caring for Your Future.

White Ribbon Day 2021 November 25

White Ribbon Day is held on November 25th, also known as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women and is an annual day to raise awareness of family violence. The day is run by the White Ribbon Campaign.

Violence against women is a global problem, and we need to do something about it.

On White Ribbon Day Thursday 25 November, and the 16 days to end violence against women that follow, we are asking people in their communities, organisations and workplaces, to come together, and say ‘no’ to violence against women.

10 Ways You Can Share Kindness Online - #WakeUpWednesday

Last year, the percentage of US teens who experienced bullying online stood at an all-time high of 36%. The UK figure – 19% – also represents an unhealthily large proportion. These numbers are by no means unrepresentative of the global picture, either – and recent increases in young people’s screen-time and anxiety levels during lockdown periods only inflamed the situation. To lend our support to Anti-Bullying Week 2021, we’ve produced a special #WakeUpWednesday guide of suggestions for how we can all be part of the antidote to bullying by sharing kindness online instead of cruelty. The theme of this year’s event is ‘One Kind Word’ – and indeed, such small, sincere gestures online can go a long way to helping someone who is experiencing a tough time.

Deepfake videos are the latest cruel form of school bullying – parents and teachers must watch out

Any bully who knows where to look online can make one of the manipulated videos by using free AI apps. Tech firms need to help protect children




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