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Quest Training Monday News Issue 19: 8th November 2021

Remembrance Day 2021 - Thursday 11th November

Quote of the Week:

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Please find below some information you may find useful. These can be used towards the 20% Off The Job Learning Records

Social Media Kindness Day 9th November 2021

Social media is increasingly playing a large part in our daily lives. We're the first generation of social media users - essentially, we're guinea pigs! We need to make it a kinder place as opposed for it to be somewhere anger and hate breeds.

What parents need to know about Snapchat - #WakeUpWednesday

Snapchat is a photo- and video-sharing app through which users can chat with friends via text or audio. Images and videos can be shared with specific friends, or as a ‘story’ (documenting the previous 24 hours) that’s visible to a person’s entire friend list. Snapchat usage rose during the lockdowns, with many young people utilising it to stay connected with their peers. The app continues to develop features to engage an even larger audience and emulate current trends, rivalling platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. In the guide, you'll find tips on a number of potential risks such as sexting, visible location and strangers.

More social workers will be needed to implement adult social care reforms, says chief social worker

Government considering using £500m fund for social care workforce to support training, recruitment and retention of social workers.

Sugar Awareness Week: 8-14 November 2021

Sugar Awareness Week 2021 is a timely opportunity to celebrate successes and discuss what next for sugar reduction in the UK, as the Public health England sugar reduction programme is scheduled to be coming to an end. This year's theme is focussing on snacks, and how they contribute to daily sugar intake.

Can schools actually tackle extremist ideologies?

New research sheds light on schools' role in stemming radicalisation - and the challenges they face in doing it more effectively.

2021-22 Online Safety Calendar for educators (Childnet International)

Childnet International has an Online Safety Calendar for 2021/22 which offers teachers engaging ways of incorporating online safety advice into the curriculum. The calendar also highlights campaigns including Anti-Bullying Week, LGBTQ History Month, World Book Day and Mental Health Awareness Week – and the relevant online safety resources available.

Rape: Who's on Trial? Channel 4 8th November at 9pm followed by The Rape Debate: Who's On Trial?

Program 1: With rape convictions at an all-time low, this hard-hitting film spends two years behind the scenes with Avon and Somerset Police and four serious sexual crime investigations

Program 2: Jackie Long chairs a debate on the issues raised in the previous programme. Politicians, police officers, prosecutors, campaigners and survivors discuss the current crisis of confidence in the police with an audience of women who have said they have experienced sexual assault or rape, in many cases without criminal prosecution or conviction, and are willing to waive their anonymity


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