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Quest News Issue 47: 8th August 2022

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done”

We have over 9 hours of sector updates, podcasts, webinars and activities for care and education apprentices and employers!

Apprentices: When recording any of this information please ensure that you reflect on what you have learned from completing the activity, use the link and the description of the activity completed.

International Cat Day 2022 August 8

August the 8th is International Cat Day, and it’s not hard to see why our little feline friends hold such a special place in our affections.

Apply for free tree bundles – Kent

We are giving free bundles of trees to people, groups, businesses and schools all over the Kent.

If you're a school looking to plant trees with pupils, a community group working on a shared garden, a farmer looking to re-wild, or a homeowner who wants more shade in the garden, please apply and help us increase tree cover in the county.


International Left Handers Awareness Day 2022 August 13

International Left handers Day is a day to celebrate being left-handed, and to raise awareness for the everyday challenges of being left handed in a world designed for right handers.

Celebrated on the 13th August every year, you can help to raise awareness in your own way by planning an event in your school or college to spread the word, or get involved in the chat on Twitter using the hash tag #lefthandersday and wish your fellow lefties a Happy Left Handers Awareness Day.


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Sustainable Business Covered Podcast

Edie’s long-running Sustainable Business Covered podcast returns for 2022 with its 110th episode – a special on the legal angles from which green groups and businesses are approaching the UK’s net-zero transition. Tune in for exclusive interviews with Friends of the Earth, Lawyers for Net Zero and the Chancery Lane Project.


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Unsupervised children

The NSPCC has published a news story around unsupervised children in the summer holidays. Findings include: the NSPCC helpline received 6,017 contacts in 2020/21 about children left at home without adult supervision, an increase of a fifth compared to 2019/20; and 60% of the 2020/21 contacts to the helpline were serious enough to pass on to the police or social services. The story includes guidance for parents and carers on making decisions about their child’s supervision needs.


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Forced marriage guidance

The Home Office has published videos in British Sign Language setting out UK government guidance on forced marriage. Content covered includes: statutory guidance for organisations with responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults; and multi-agency practice guidelines for frontline workers on handling cases of forced marriage.



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Early trauma Podcast

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) has released a new podcast which looks at early trauma and relationships. This episode focuses on the impacts of early trauma on a child’s wellbeing and development and discusses how the relationship between babies and their parents can be strengthened.


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Dementia & Us - BBC Series

The first in a ground-breaking two-part series following four people with dementia and their families over the course of two whole years, exploring what it’s really like to live with the condition over a period of time as we follow the families through the ups and downs of life with a changing brain.

The series is narrated by Dreane Williams, who herself lives with vascular dementia




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Children's homes

The Children’s Commissioner for England has written a plan of action which outlines expectations that should be met for every child in a children’s home. The expectations include: ensuring children in care are placed in a home in their local area; ensuring children are safe and have a dedicated advocate; and ensuring they are getting proper mental health care and education. The report suggests building on current strengths to achieve change.


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Cyber security – secure mobile working in social care video

Using technology on the move has become so important inside and outside of work, and in the care sector mobile devices are being used more frequently to share and store sensitive information. Despite our best efforts our devices and the information they hold can be at risk. This webinar is hosted by security experts from O2 and can show you how you can protect yourself against the risks of mobile working.


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Cyber Security – Staying secure as we adapt to the “new normal” video

Take a look at how COVID-19 and the rapid shift to mass remote working is driving cyber security transformation. The webinar is hosted by security experts from O2 and Forescout and looks at what the ‘new normal’ will look like as users return to workplaces, changes to the cyber threat landscape in health and social care and network visibility.


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The Art of Cutting Carbon

The issues thrown up by climate change have never been more urgent. It is politics, it is food, it is business – it is people's lives. 'The Art of Cutting Carbon' is a unique project which uses art installations commissioned by the BBC to highlight the carbon dioxide emitted by the big industries around us. In his last film after 35 years at the BBC, our Environment Analyst Roger Harrabin reports on the endeavours of British artists working with concrete, steel, aluminium, plastic, and cardboard. On his journey around Europe, Roger is given exclusive access to world-leading technologies designed to cut carbon. He visits the zero-carbon steel in Sweden which emits only water vapour, and experiences 'edible' plastic bottles in the Netherlands.


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Celebrating new ways of reducing CO2 - the art of cutting carbon

Vast amounts of planet-heating carbon dioxide are created during the manufacture of many key materials that support our lives - from paper to plastic. Our environment analyst Roger Harrabin has been exploring new low-carbon technologies which could help cut those emissions. He has enlisted artists to help him tell the story.


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Missing persons information hub

Many professionals will have had the harrowing experience of a service user going missing. Some will have been for hours, others for days, weeks and some even longer. When this happens, it can be tricky to navigate.

This is why the Missing Persons Information Hub (MPIH) brings together everyone who cares about missing people including: researchers, charities, police, social workers and care providers, people who are (or have been) missing, and people who are (or have experienced) looking for someone who’s missing.

This website provides links to useful information and services to enable our network to connect and share knowledge and experience.


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#WakeUpWednesday: What Parents Need to Know about Loot Boxes

Loot boxes began appearing in games during the 2000s (the arrival of ‘Ultimate Team’ mode in FIFA 2009 was a significant milestone), and concerns have gradually escalated enough for the issue to be debated at national levels. The sale of loot boxes is now heavily restricted in countries including the Netherlands, Japan and China – and has been completely prohibited in Belgium.

With gamers around the world spending an estimated $15 billion on loot boxes annually, paying for the chance of in-game success has become a major facet of the industry. Aside from the obvious potential costs, however, our #WakeUpWednesday guide to loot boxes also highlights risks including scams and the dangers of young people becoming used to gambling.


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Social care staff shortages putting patient safety at risk, say NHS bosses

NHS Confederation urges immediate pay rise for care workers after survey finds social care staffing 'crisis' is undermining efforts to clear health backlogs and relieve A&E pressures.


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