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Quest news Issue 37 - 30 May 2022

National Children’s Gardening Week 2022 May 28 - June 5

National Children’s Gardening Week celebrates the fun that gardens hold for kids. Children, parents, grandparents, schools or garden businesses can find ideas for fun garden projects and activities on this site.

Pride Month 2022 June 1 - June 29

Every year, during the month of June, the LGBT community celebrates in a number of different ways. Across the globe, various events are held during this special month as a way of recognising the influence LGBT people have had around the world. Why was June chosen? Because it is when the Stonewall Riots took place, way back in 1969.

Health and Care Bill granted Royal Assent in milestone for healthcare recovery and reform

The Health and Care Bill has received Royal Assent by Her Majesty The Queen, enacting the most significant health legislation in a decade into law

Keeping Children Safe in Education for September 2022

On Friday, the new version of Keeping Children Safe in Education was published. The version is purely for information purposes and there is no expectation that any of the changes are to be implemented before the autumn term.

The Department for Education (DfE) has published an updated version of its statutory Keeping children safe in education guidance for schools in England, which will come into force on 01 September 2022. Annex F of the of the new guidance sets out the changes made, including: a new paragraph on domestic abuse added to the list of safeguarding issues all staff should be aware of, new information on the importance of schools talking to parents about children’s access to online sites when away from school, and a new paragraph highlighting the importance of ensuring that children understand the law on child-on-child abuse is there to protect them rather than criminalise them.

Online safety

Ofcom has released the second episode of their new podcast series Life online which explores themes around online safety. This episode centres on cyberbullying and includes three teenagers sharing their own experiences of online bullying.




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