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Monday News Issue 131- 10th June 2024

"Either you run the day or the day runs you"

Events this week

June 10th- June 16th – Carers Week 2024

June 10th- June 16th – Diabetes Awareness Week 2024

June 10th- June 16th – Loneliness Awareness Week 2024

June 10th- June 16th – Men’s Health Week 2024

June 14th- World Blood donor Day 2024

June 16th- Father’s Day 2024


Legislation/Regulation of the week

Early years foundation stage statutory framework 2023

The Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework sets out how all early years and childcare settings ensure that children are kept healthy and safe. Section 3 of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework ‘The safeguarding and welfare requirements’ outlines how early years settings and practitioners should keep children healthy and safe. For example, adhering to staff: child ratios and recording accidents and incidents.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 20 mins)

Please remember to review this in your policy/legislation review workbook)


Videos of the week

Teen Vaping: What’s the Harm

Vaping among Britain’s teenagers is on the rise, and there’s growing concern that some companies are targeting underage vapers. So, should we be worried about young people getting addicted?

Rachel Burden investigates the youth vaping phenomenon and talks to young people, parents and experts about how to tackle it.

(Watching this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 90 mins)


Event of the week/month

Loneliness Awareness Week 2024

Loneliness Awareness Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness. It's all about creating supportive communities by having open, honest conversations. Loneliness is a natural human emotion - we are hardwired to need social connections. By talking about it, we can support ourselves and others. 

In the UK, loneliness is a growing problem with around 3.83 million people experiencing chronic loneliness. Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in loneliness cases around the UK, intensifying the need for connection, community and communication. Loneliness Awareness Week 2024 will be held from 10 to 16 June. This year's theme, Random Acts of Connection, encourages everyone to increase those simple, everyday moments of connection which help us feel happier and less lonely. 

(This can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)

Safeguarding & ED & I

Sudden Child Deaths: The Search for Answers- Video

It's a parent's nightmare. An apparently healthy child dying without warning, and no explanation of what went wrong. Yet unexplained deaths in children over a year old happen almost once a week in the UK. They sometimes result in parents being falsely accused of harming their child. Reporter Richard Bilton investigates these sudden unexplained deaths in children and looks at the research trying to find out why they happen.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 60 mins)


Cuckooing set to become a crime

Cuckooing, the abhorrent practice of criminals taking over vulnerable people's properties for illegal activities, is soon to be deemed a criminal offence. This behaviour, likened to cuckoo birds that invade other birds' nests, will now be illegal under an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill effective from June 1, 2024. 

This new law will specifically outlaw occupying or controlling someone else's home for criminal purposes, such as drug dealing, weapon storage, or sex work. Victims of cuckooing are often individuals facing various vulnerabilities, including addiction, financial hardship, mental health issues, and learning disabilities. The introduction of this legislation not only establishes a clear legal framework for law enforcement but also serves as a deterrent to criminals exploiting the homes of vulnerable individuals for illicit activities. 

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)


Ofcom have released their 2024 ‘Children and Attitudes Report’

Ofcom has now released its annual report which includes findings on parents’ views about their children’s media use, and how parents of children and young people aged 3-17 monitor and manage their children’s use.

The report provides a comprehensive picture of children’s media experiences in 2023 as a reference for industry, policymakers, academics, and the general public.

It shares statistics and data around game and app usage, social media and other online activities, screen time, and parental concerns. The report also covers how parents and guardians are employing various strategies and tools to oversee and regulate their children’s media consumption.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)


New Podcast Episode 'Faith Based Abuse'

In this month's episode of ECP Safeguarding Voice, our very own consultant Tina Pokuaah delves into the topic of 'Faith based abuse.' Tune in to learn about what faith-based abuse entails, its various forms, and how to maintain cultural competence when assessing safeguarding risks within communities.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 40 mins)


Understanding Female Genital Mutilation

Understanding Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is crucial for several reasons, both from a human rights and public health perspective. Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

The practice has no health benefits for girls and women and causes severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths. More than 230 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation and according to available data from 30 countries where FGM is practiced in the western, eastern, and north-eastern regions of Africa, and some countries in the Middle East and Asia. More than 3 million girls are estimated to be at risk of FGM annually. FGM is therefore of global concern.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins


Criminal Exploitation of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults County Lines Guidance Update

The updated Home Office guidance on County Lines addresses the criminal exploitation of children, young people, and vulnerable adults by drug gangs. This exploitation involves coercion to transport drugs, money, or weapons, often leading to severe impacts on victims and communities. The guidance helps frontline workers identify and respond to signs of exploitation, covering various methods such as physical violence, emotional abuse, and online manipulation.

Aimed at professionals in education, healthcare, social services, law enforcement, and related sectors, the guidance emphasizes multi-agency collaboration and a victim-centered approach. It highlights risk factors like economic vulnerability and unstable home environments, urging vigilance in recognizing changes in behaviour or circumstances.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 40 mins)


Health & Safety


Step by step: Supporting youth mental health through physical activity

We are becoming a less active and more unfit nation and although tackling inactivity has been high on the government agenda for some time, its close ties to poor mental health are often overlooked. With young people in the UK having greater mental health needs than ever before, movement and sporting activity have never been more important.

Despite an overall increase in funding for mental health services over the past two decades, and improved public knowledge about mental health, our mental health services are overwhelmed, leaving one in five young people in England (aged five to 16) with a probable mental health disorder (NHS England, 2023).

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 20 mins)


Children’s play & leisure- A balanced approach

‘Play is great for children’s well-being and development.  When planning and providing play opportunities, the goal is not to eliminate risk, but to weigh up the risks and benefits.  No child will learn about risk if they are wrapped in cotton wool’.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 20 mins)


Mental health conditions, work and the workplace

One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point. While mental health problems are common, most are mild, tend to be short-term and are normally successfully treated, with medication, by a GP.

Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave. Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health problems. They are often a reaction to a difficult life event, such as bereavement, but can also be caused by work-related issues.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)


Fire Extinguisher Types & Classes of Fire | St John Ambulance

Learn more about classes of fire and fire extinguisher types. Find out which fire extinguisher you need for different types of fire.

You must have a sufficient number of the right type(s) of fire extinguisher, as well as other appropriate equipment as identified in your fire safety risk assessment, for the prevention and combat of fire. What fire extinguishers do you need in your setting?

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)


Wider Curriculum


Charity helps boost speech and language skills

Initiative successfully trains early years practitioners to deliver speech and language interventions to help reduce the need for specialist support.

“One of the aims was to make long-term, sustainable change,” says St John’s head of delivery and impact Sam Gillett. “We recognised we needed to work closely with the local authority, because it’s an institution that is always going to be there.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)


Care Workers under Pressure- Video

Panorama investigates a care home short of staff, where external medical professionals report seeing residents neglected, and overseas staff complain of being exploited.

Britain’s health and care sector is increasingly reliant on overseas staff, with more than 120,000 visas issued last year. Reporter Balagopal Balakrishnan investigates one of 15 care homes run by a company in north east England. He finds carers being charged thousands of pounds by an unscrupulous recruitment agency and nurses locked into lengthy contracts with financial penalties if they leave early.

The programme also hears about dozens of safeguarding alerts, including reports of neglected residents suffering unexplained bruising and uncovers evidence that the company boss is willing to protect staff from regulators when things go wrong. The company says any suggestion that there is systematic bad practice would be unfair and inaccurate.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 20 mins)


What are the dangers of drinking in hot weather?

Whether it's after work drinks, post-exam celebrations, or weekends spent in pub gardens, drinking in the sun can be a big part of summer culture. If this activity is part of your summer plans, how can you limit the dangers that accompany the sun-alcohol cocktail? And if you have a teenager, how can you keep them safe?

It's a common myth that you feel the effects of alcohol more when drinking in the sun. If you've ever felt more affected by a drink enjoyed in the sunshine, it's because the other, undesired symptom of alcohol - dehydration - affects you quicker.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 60 mins)


How can I learn to be a better listener?

Being a good listener is a skill that can enhance relationships and create understanding. It is essential to give your full attention to the speaker. This means focusing entirely on them, maintaining eye contact, and minimising distractions. By showing the speaker that you are fully present, you create an environment conducive to open communication.

Practicing empathy is crucial. Try to understand the speaker's perspective and emotions. Show empathy and understanding by acknowledging their feelings and validating their experiences. Allow them to express themselves fully without interjecting your thoughts. Interrupting can disrupt the flow of conversation and make the speaker feel unheard. Asking clarifying questions is another important aspect of effective listening. Seek clarification to ensure you understand the speaker's message accurately. This demonstrates that you are actively engaged and interested in what they have to say.

Reflective listening is a powerful technique for demonstrating understanding. Repeat or paraphrase what the speaker has said to confirm comprehension and show that you are actively listening. Sometimes, silence is necessary for the speaker to gather their thoughts or express themselves fully. Allow for pauses and take your time responding.

By practicing these habits, you can become a better listener and build stronger connections with others.


(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 40 mins)



7 day no food waste challenge

On a planet of nearly 9 billion people, we are facing food insecurity on every level and more than 820 million people don’t have enough to eat. Food waste is one of the biggest problems facing humanity today - an estimated one third of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste.

Food waste doesn’t just mean wasted food, it means wasted money, wasted water, wasted energy, wasted land and wasted transportation. Throwing out your food can even contribute to climate change. Discarded food is often sent to landfill where it is left to rot and produce methane gas. If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after America and China

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 mins)



Paris 2024 Olympics Sustainability Plan

The City of Lights is preparing to shine even brighter this summer as it gears up to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  While athletic excellence will undoubtedly be on display, the Paris 2024 Olympics sustainability plan strives to achieve another kind of gold medal: a gold medal in sustainability.  Thanks to significant investments from the Île-de-France region, the governing body for the Paris metropolitan area, the public transport authority, and a strong Paris 2024 Olympics sustainability plan, these Games are poised to be the greenest in Olympic history.

The cornerstone of the Paris 2024 Olympics sustainability plan lies in its comprehensive and accessible public transportation plan.  Anticipating over two million visitors descending upon the city this summer, organizers are determined to ensure a smooth and low-carbon travel experience for everyone.

 (Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 20 mins)


The amazing holidays you can have that put the planet first

Travelling is one of the best ways to discover the value of our world’s wild spaces. Yet increasingly the tourism industry has been criticised for contributing to environmental degradation – from carbon-generating plane travel to overcrowding fragile ecosystems.

Determined to make holidays as eco-friendly as possible, hoteliers and tour operators have worked hard to create sustainable options for travellers, minimising carbon emissions and contributing to environmental protection.

(Reading this can be counted towards your 20% off the Job learning – Approx. 30 min)


An Idiot’s guide to change the world- Let’s come together so we don’t fall apart (S2: E8)

In the final episode of this season, Gail and Loyiso look at Goal 17, partnerships for the goals. They ask what the ingredients are of a good partnership and find out which sectors are working together to make a positive impact. They are joined by two SDG ambassadors who have been campaigning for the Goals since their inception. Dr Alaa Murabit and filmmaker Richard Curtis bring their wealth of experience to the table and share some encouraging examples of successful collaborations. Alaa highlights the importance of seeing who holds power in the room, and Richard shares why he's optimistic that the match could be won in the second half.




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