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  • Matthew Paminter

Learning At Work Week 2023

May 15- May 21

What is learning at work week?

Learning at work week is an annual campaign set up by Campaign for Learning. It aims to promote the development of different learning cultures within a workplace. This year it is taking place between the 15th of May and the 21st of May.

Why is learning at work important?

Learning at work is important for everyone no matter you're age or experience. Learning at work makes work more enjoyable for everyone involved. Learning at work will help you to grow and improve to be a better person alongside being able to manage yourself more effectively and independently.

How can you learn at work this week?

There are many ways you can learn at work, some more difficult than others. Here are some example of ways you can learn more effectively this week;

  • Look for different opportunities- One of the best ways to grow your skills is to seek new or different opportunities.

  • Challenge yourself- This week try and take on something that may seem difficult or challenging, by doing this you will learn and develop new skills. If you are struggling with the challenge you can always ask for feedback from colleagues.

  • Practise- Select one new skill that you want to focus on and practise it regularly. The more that you practise a particular skill the quicker and easier it will be to learn that skill.

  • Track your progress- By tracking your progress you are able to see where your strengths and weaknesses are. This allows you to spend more time on the areas which need improvement.

How can you help others to learn at work?

We can all help each other to make learning at work a little bit easier for all of us. Here are some examples of how we can help each other:

  • Sharing Knowledge- Simply by sharing your knowledge you are able to teach something new to someone. There is always an opportunity to teach someone about your expertise.

  • Sharing your resources- The resources that you use may be useful for someone else to learn something new.

  • Giving feedback- Giving feedback can be challenging sometimes however it is important that you are honest with the person you are trying to help as this will only help them in the long run. Make sure to give constructive criticism.

About Me

My name is Matthew Paminter and I have recently started at Quest Training as a digital marketing apprentice. I wanted to do Learning at Work week as my First blog as this topic applies to me. I have been learning all week about new and different types of software and programmes My new role will be to create blogs on Quest's websites alongside updating all of Quest's social media and online marketing.


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