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  • Matthew Paminter

Interested in online Math sessions? Quest are now able to deliver our Multiply sessions online!

Quest Training are now able to host our widely popular Multiply Sessions online. You will be able to attend our online sessions via your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Our face-to-face have received great feedback and have been hugely popular with individuals wanting to improve their numeracy. We know many people are not able to attend our face-to-face sessions due to a number of reasons such as location and time so we believe hosting online Multiply sessions will give more learners the chance to attend our sessions.

We had a great turnout when we hosted a Multiply taster session in Maidstone this September!

So what actually is Multiply?

Multiply is our maths project aimed at increasing confidence in basic numeracy. Our sessions are always completely Free and absolutely anybody turn up. There is no minimum attendance so you can attend as many sessions as you want. You will also be relieved to hear the course has no exams or tests, It's all about learning and developing your maths skills. We have dedicated tutors who are to offer the best support they can to anybody who attends a Multiply session. Our tutors are also able to modify and personalise sessions based on the attendees, this means you can get the knowledge that would benefit you most.

Why should you come to one of our sessions?

If you would like to develop your maths skills or increase your knowledge in a certain area of maths then our Multiply project is perfect for you. Our multiply project is designed to help the learner develop their everyday maths skills. Good numeracy skills may unlock new job opportunities, lead to higher wages or even prepare you for further study. Having good numeracy also helps in everyday life such as helping children with homework and budgeting and saving money. Now that we are able to conduct session online we are hoping it will be easier for more learners to attend our sessions.

What we cover in our Multiply sessions?

What we cover in our sessions is completely up to the learners in the sessions, if the learners felt they wanted to focus on one particular area the tutor would base the session around that. Some of the topics in our sessions include budgeting, money management and more basic numeracy such as addition, subtraction, multiplication & division.

If you would like more information about what we offer or how you can attend one of our sessions please get in touch with us at

01474 704441




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