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Don't know what you want to do this September?

Quest has created a guide on how to make the correct decision for your future

You may already have decided what you want to do when you are older or maybe you still have not decided, there is nothing wrong with not knowing what you want to do in the future. In fact most people will not be sure what they want to do when they are older.

If you have just finished your exams it is very important that you relax and enjoy the long summer ahead of you. This is very important not just for your own mental health but relaxing whilst you are on holiday will make you refreshed and eager to start your new adventure in September. We have come up with some ideas on some things you can do on your time off:

  • Go Travelling- Given that the holiday is longer it is a great time for you to travel abroad and visit some countries.

  • Learn a new skill- We know it's very clicé but it really is a great time to learn a new skill.

  • Gain some work experience- Working experience gives you a brief insight into how the working world works. We would suggest that you try and get some experience in a sector which you are actually interested in, this will give you a idea about whether you want to pursue a career in this sector.

  • Research degrees and universities- If you want to go to university in September then it is a good idea to do some research about the courses that are linked to the job you want to do.

  • Get a part-time Job- During the summer lots of retail settings will be hiring for part time staff, this is a great opportunity to earn some cash while also gaining some valuable life skills.

If you are in Year 11 your options for after the summer will most likely be going on to further education through the route of Post 16 or going onto college, however starting an apprenticeship straight after leaving school is also an option. If you have just finished Year 13 then going to university, starting an apprenticeship or getting a full time job are the most likely routes for you, each route is completely different from each other and all of them have different pros and cons. We suggest that over the summer you research every route and decide which route is best for you.


We have supplied some key tips to help you make the best and most informed decision about your future:

  1. Imagine where you see yourself in one year time, If you see yourself doing your dream job or starting your university degree, then great go and pursue that dream!

  2. Write down your goals, by visualising your goals you are able to map out the route to your success.

  3. Identify some alternatives, the more alternative decisions you know about, the more you likely you are to make a better educated decision. Having different alternatives also allows you to have a back plan if your priorities are out of reach.

  4. Seek some feedback, try asking someone close to you for some feedback. This can not only expand your perspective on certain topics, but it can give you another point of view.


We will be mainly focusing on the difference between an apprenticeship and university, these options are polar opposites from each other however they are the most popular options for young people after they complete their further education.


In 2022, 37.5% of 18 year olds went to University

According to House of Commons Research Briefing on Higher education student numbers


Why choose an Apprenticeship?

Firstly and what may seem the main reason for you is that it is a paid job, many apprenticeships are now paying over £20,000 a year. An apprenticeship will normally have a structured training plan so you can learn all the skills you need to be able to perform your job effectively. As an apprentice you will be 'earning while you are learning' .

You will get high quality training that will help you to progress in your sector of work. When doing an apprenticeship you will be required to do at least 6 hours a week of off-the-job training, this helps you build up your skills outside of your job role, At the end of the apprenticeship you will be rewarded with a qualification if you pass the end point assessment.

There is now a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available to learners, meaning that you are able to hone in on a particular point in a sector in which you would like to work. There is something for everyone, from learners looking for a career change to learners starting off their journey.

Why choose University?

One of the main reasons why a learner would choose to go to university is to study a particular qualification, for example if you want to become a lawyer you will need to do a degree in law. If you have a specific job that you want to do that requires a degree then it may be better for you to go to university.

You will gain expertise in your chosen subject, when pursuing a degree will help you become an expert in your area of interest and allow you to delve deeper in the subject. Doing a degree will help you get the expert knowledge that is requires to excel in the working world.

By going to University you will get great networking opportunities from meeting people who are studying the same subject as you. During university you will be able to gain contacts which can then become very useful when you begin work.


What do Quest Offer?

Here at Quest we offer a variety of different apprenticeships from business administration all the way through to teaching support. We offer the latest apprenticeships standards as well as a list of different level qualifications. Here is the full list of all the apprenticeships we offer:

  • Health and Social Care

  • Childcare and Playwork

  • Customer Services

  • Business Administration

  • Team Leading and Management

  • Support Teaching and Learning

  • Cleaning Support Services

  • Coaching and Mentoring

For more information about our apprenticeships and how you can apply please click the button below




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