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Apprenticeship Standards from July 2020

As part of the Apprenticeship Reforms, the government have announced that all Apprenticeship Frameworks will end on 31st July 2020, with all new apprenticeship starts from 1st August 2020 as Apprenticeship Standards.

What is the difference between Apprenticeship Framework and Standards?

End-Point Assessment

The main difference between standards and frameworks is that all standards contain an EPA (End-Point Assessment). This will test what the apprentice has learned over their apprenticeship. There is a 12 week timeframe between the end of the learning phase of the apprenticeship to allow the apprentice and employer to prepare and undertake. The EPA will be different depending on what apprenticeship is being undertaken. With the EPA this is conducted by an independent EPAO (End-Point Assessment Organisation), and will also allow the apprentice to have a graded apprenticeship. Traditional frameworks have resulted in just a pass or fail, however with the new standards these allow for apprentices to achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction - giving recognition to those who have gone the extra mile.

Teaching Method

The method of teaching has changed from frameworks to standards. Previously your assessor would visit, observe, talk you through your activities or work and assess your competence in the workplace. With standards the emphasis is on teaching new knowledge, skills and behaviours in the workplace. The change has meant that your old Quest assessor is now called a tutor. All of our tutors have undertaken teaching qualifications to adapt to the needs of the apprentice and the new standards.


Not every standard contains a qualification. This depends on which apprenticeship is undertaken, and full details can be found at

At the end of the apprenticeship the apprentice will gain their apprenticeship certificate if they achieve a Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Functional Skills

English and Maths will remain a vital part of the apprenticeship standards, however ICT has been removed for those apprenticeship frameworks that contained it. The use of digital skills is currently embedded into all learning, with no need for a formal examination.

New Apprenticeship Standards

There are new apprenticeship standards being released every month, and some of the framework apprentices have changed names under the new standards. If you are unsure of the suitable apprenticeship to undertake, please feel free to contact us on 01474 704441.

Not all standards are ready for delivery, so please also check out for further details on when apprenticeship standards are ready.


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