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What actually is Off-the-job training?

As a training provider we know how much learners struggle with getting their off-the-job (OTJ) learning hours complete, so we have written a blog to help learns clarify what exactly is off-the-job training and what learners can count toward their OTJ hours.

Why do you have to complete off-the-job training?

Firstly and the main reason why learners have to complete OTJ training is because of the DFE's funding rules. The rules state " Off-the-job training is training received by the apprentice, during the apprentices paid hours, for the purposes of achieving their apprenticeship, it is not training delivered for the sole purpose of enabling the apprentice to perform the work for which they have been employed". OTJ training is mandatory for apprenticeships and the learner must complete at least 6 hours.

What should be in your off-the-job training?

Your OTJ training could be anything that is not associated to your daily work, a good example of this would be learning about health & safety or safeguarding. Quest have supplied a number of ideas you can use if you are struggling with filling your OTJ hours:

  • Attending lectures/webinars- these can either be n person or over the internet

  • Doing different workplace activities- for example role playing

  • Creating or completing a personal development log

  • Mentoring another staff member

  • Job shadowing- try shadowing a team member who works in a different department


If your OTJ training has you looking like this then don't worry Quest has loads of resources that you can use to boost those hours!


How to keep track of your off-the-job training?

The best way to track your OTJ training is to either write it down physically straight after you finished the training or track it online through a software such as excel. Keeping track of your OTJ this way allows you to add up your OTJ hours weekly and see whether you are hitting the target or not.

When keeping track of your OTJ hours make sure to complete a reflection on how that training impacted your learning. This will make it easier for you to spot which types of learning are most effective for you and what type of learning you do the most.

Contact Us

If you are struggling to complete your OTJ training or you would just like to speak to one of our friendly members of staff then please contact us at:

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